Sunday, September 07, 2008

Getting closer...

Hmmm, I do still have two pieces of furniture to paint, don't I?

Can you believe, I FINALLY picked out my green paint for the living room sewing armoire/cabinet? It will be Olympic's Grassy Meadow B67-5 courtesy of my Lowe's holiday gift card! At the same time, I will also pick up my Kindness of Stranger's blue paint mix for my bedroom dresser.

I just checked the Lowe's website thinking maybe they have a good sale on paint right now. Well, I found that they will make you an 8 ounce sample of any of their Valspar or Olympic paint colors for only $3.98. This also includes any color-matching shades that you bring in. How cheap am I that I am actually wondering whether 8 ounces could be enough for either project.?

Yeah, pretty cheap.


Swestie said...

I love a girl who chooses well. My bedroom is green too!

thehomebound said...

That blue paint is fantastic! Good choice.