Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An About-Face

For years I had planned on painting my armoire/sewing cabinet a nice solid spring green color. In fact, I've used the fact of not finding the perfect green as the excuse that it still hasn't been done. However, now I'm starting to think differently.

Why or why have I been scared to do this for so long? Scared of making a mistake? Yes, even though other DIY-ers have painted pieces over and over again in the same amount of time that my piece has been the same with only an addition of a clear poly coat. I do know that I will never feel that my apartment is 'ready for prime-time' until I get this last piece of furniture painted or otherwise "finished."

Years ago, I had decided that although the majority of the piece would be solid green I wanted some sort of design on it to make it different.

a) I had been thinking of an image taken from a greeting card to go on the boards inside the doors

b) or perhaps a design from a friend/graphic designer*/new mom to place in those same places.

Well, a month (or so) ago I saw this piece by Lucas Rise on the design*sponge blog, fell in love, and became increasingly intrigued with the thought of not just one color that would go with my living room but perhaps a myriad of different colors that would work with everything in my apartment, now and into the future?

One look and I was in love with the illustrated and painted furniture of Argentinean artist Lucas Rise.

Flower park, Circus


Even his site design is incredible, right?

Potala Palace $500

After seeing his work I then came across this Pier 1 wine cabinet in person and became even more convinced that pattern was the way to go.

So the plan now is to buy the green paint that I've liked the best (no more deliberations) and paint the cabinet. Now it will at least be respectable. Then I can take some time (not too much!) to decide on the design. I am just going to start sketching more, something I don't do much of anymore. Wish me luck!

* She is currently designing a new header for this blog!

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Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Wow- I just googled "refrigerator make over" and came across your blog...I've been here for hours! Love all the great ideas and links you share!