Saturday, September 06, 2008

Eye Candy Colors

In August, Domino shared Alice Turner's New York farmhouse. Her use of color and the uncluttered room layouts make me wish my place looked more like that. The opening spread shows her amazing 10-foot long custom designed couch. Wow! This couch is not only almost as wide as my living room but the backrest of it seems at least five feet high. Talk about feeling cozy and sheltered. The fact that this huge expanse of sofa is covered in a creamy white fabric keeps the room from looking crowded. Perhaps a light-covered love seat would help out my currently chaotic living room?

Also, instead of painting her walls a definite color, Alice and her friends whitewashed the entire place, even her floors are a lived-in white. She let the colors bloom instead on furniture and accessories.

When it came to her guest bedrooms, she let it bloom on the doors. See how she draped the ceilings? It not only looks cozy but it also hides the peeling plaster she hasn't dealt with yet. Smart.

Myself, a big fan of painted wood furniture, loves the raspberry daybed in her entry piled with graphic pillows. Unfortunately, I noticed the story doesn't source the ones that I like the best; those printed ones on the ends with just the right amount of white background.

Color does not have to be super bold, contrasting, or chaotic. Just add some color to your rooms and see if it changes the mood of your home and perhaps, your mood too.

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kay* said...

i love colour in an interior - i can't imagine living in a beige world - or all chocolate brown & wood or something.

by the way - i just found, and blogged about today, the exact same chrome lamp in the 2nd pic - what a coincidence!