Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Kindness of Strangers

Agnes Bourne Design

I saw these pictures from interior designer Agnes Bourne on Desire to Inspire and I was struck by the green woodgrain on the cabinets. Yum! This would be a great way to update old wood or melamine* kitchen cabinet doors.

Luckily, the cool couple behind Something's Hiding in Here just revealed their easy technique for faux woodgrain paneling to ReadyMade magazine. They used it to give their bathroom an enviable new look. Someone could use this very easy technique with a little bit of sanding and primer to make a formally blah kitchen into something cooler, especially if you take this route and do it in a "not seen in nature" color.

I discovered this couple's apartment a few years ago on Flickr. I couldn't help noticing that they had painted their wood furniture much like I have mine, even their coffee table has the same lines as my bright yellow one.
Recently, I was struck by the color of their bedroom furniture, so I inquired what it was and it seems I wasn't the only person to ask. So guess what sweet thing they did? They shared the custom paint recipe for the color on their blog. I can now take this "recipe" to Lowe's and get this exact color for my bedroom dresser. Yes, the same one that I couldn't pick a color for. I knew I wanted a blue to coordinate with the bedside table but just couldn't find the right one but I think this is it. Now I just need to get myself to the store with this formula, get it mixed up, pick up the green paint for the living room armoire...and I'm in business!

Thank you Stephen and Shauna!

*I know there are specific primers that work on melamine to make this possible but I don't know which ones.

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jen said...

truly, truly inspiring! i especially love the first 2 pics.