Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Martha at Macy's

I stopped by Macy’s yesterday to torture myself looking at shoes. Since I was there, decided to check out the new Martha Stewart Collection. My particular Macy’s seemed to be taking it slow, only half of the department was set up and hand written signs were stating where certain kitchen tools would go.

Some of the basic kitchen utensils like spatulas and slotted spoons were there but I wonder just how different are these from the ones she has at K-Mart? Maybe they have prettier handles?

One thing Martha is definitely doing is trying to grab as much business as she can. Instead of offering just one type of item, she is offering many different styles for different customers. She has five different types of salt and pepper mills ($30-$40) and five distinctly different spice rack systems ($40-$60).

I thought this was very clever and attractive, a collapsible colander, available in blue, red, and lime green for $15.

Good news!

Even though they are still not shown on the Macy’s website (probably scared the website would be jammed) the turquoise and red cast iron pieces are in the store and are also available online through the Wedding Channel’s wedding registry. Best of all, they are on SALE! The 5 and 7-quart Dutch ovens are currently 50% off, from $119 to $59. This is true at the stores too, so you better run rather than walk!

Comparing them to my own Le Creuset, they seem like the real deal. (But what else would you expect from Martha?) The colors are so beautiful in real life that I might buy the red one in the 7-quart size to complement the 5-quart one I have as part of my hunter green Le Creuset group.

These melamine bowls ($30 for 6) are a great deal, but I really loved a miniature set of these that they had for $10. They were meant as prep bowls for those 3 tablespoons of allspice or coriander needed in recipes but I think they would be excellent for condiments at a buffet event. I also think a few would look great in my office holding paperclips and miniature rubberbands.

Martha is also selling cake and cookie mixes too. In cakes, she is selling chocolate, white, and lemon cake mixes for $12 each. However, I prefer the $10 sugar cookie mix because she is selling her decorative colored sugars and sprinkle sets to go with them ($14 now, but regularly $20 each). The sugars also can be used with her new 4-piece birthday cake stencil set for $15. I really should have bought that cookie mix when I was there.

Well, I guess I have to go back and check out the completed store setup, right?


justme said...
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I saw the bluish and also the red le Crueset pots at Marshalls this weekend. I can't remember how much they were though!!