Monday, August 20, 2007

Martha Stewart Colors - Why no lemon yellow?

Finally, the Martha Stewart Colors site is up and running!!*

Since May, Martha has had a new paint line at Lowe's that replaced her other paint lines at Sherwin-Williams and K-mart. These 350 colors are priced around $25 a gallon and are manufactured through Valspar like all of the other Lowe's brand paints.

However, those expecting the same calm and pale shades of the K-mart line will be disappointed. The shades available at Lowe's are more complex.
I tried to find a match to the colors that I use in my home and found I could not find a simple yellow. All of the yellows had either a strong green or orange cast to them. These two examples are the closest I could find, one is a mustard shade, the other is like cake batter, and there isn't a lemon in the bunch.

The funny thing is that I went to look at Lowe's paints to check out Martha's choices but came out of there impressed with the colors in the Valspar Ultra Premium collection. The colors in the Brights group are gorgeous, clear, vibrant, and just plain beautiful!

There is a spring-like green, Greenway, in the Brights section that is very close to the Rust-Oleum color I wanted to use on the armoire. I might have to try a quart of it.

I actually started this post in April when the paint first launched but had no official information or color images until now.

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Little Grey Donkey said...

I just recently checked out the Martha Stewart Colors. I like that the paint chips suggest coordinating colors, but I agree that there is a limited selection. It's probably most useful when someone doesn't have a color scheme in mind. I hope you do try a quart of the other paint. I'd love to see what you're envisioning!