Saturday, August 25, 2007

The rugs of Ballard Designs

Avondale in Black, Green, Chocolate and Red, 5'7" x 7'7" size is $90!

I received another new Ballard Designs catalog this week. It is strange that I love Ballard because their overall style isn't really my style at all. It is more their small things than the big picture that attracts me. Their accessories and decorative items are incredible and sometimes amazingly affordable.

This week this rug jumped out at me for its great neutral color, strong design, and practicality. This is an indoor/outdoor rug and Ballard does great indoor/outdoor rugs! They don't just give you a few plain sisal rugs, but numerous different patterns and at least with this style, real value. This style was loomed to look like sisal although it is actually polypropylene. This means it is not only mildew resistant but you can wash it with simple soap and water. In addition, if you use it outdoors you can just rinse it off with a garden hose.

Therefore, they are also an ideal type of floor covering if you are a pet owner.

Besides being mildew resistant, rugs made of polypropylene (also called olefin) are non-allergenic. So as an allergy sufferer, even though it is a man-made product, I support its use in rugs. Believe me, the shedding of a real sisal rug is beyond horrible and something I never want to experience again. Oh, and at this point, I can't afford 100% natural wool rugs which is the alternative for for allergy sufferers.

Some of their other polypropylene rugs:

Capetown Stripe in Green, Black, Red, or Chocolate, 5'7" x 7'7" is $90

Milas in Aqua or Terracotta, 4'9" x 7'4" is $119

Wyndham in Sand/Black and seven other color combos, 5'3" x 7'7" is $149


Meredith said...

funny, i just bought the striped rug in black for our deck! the wood is getting worn (not in a good way) and i wanted to anchor a table and chairs with it. i thought ballard designs had a good selection in more natural tones (unless you go for the really bright colors of other outdoor rugs).

loopylulu said...

These are beautiful rugs and $90 for a rug that size isn't bad right? I remember back when I was a college student furnishing my room and I purchased the cheapest fugly rug from target and I think it was around $70. I'm looking to redecorate (decorate rather) and this is a good starting point.