Monday, April 16, 2007

Curvy Colorful Lamps

Montgomery Ward Asian Gourd Lamp $150 NO

Pottery Barn Alexis $139 NO

Garnet Hill Whitney $128 NO

For the past year I have been really attracted to these types of curvy lamps, both the gourd and teardrop shape. However, everywhere I look they are so expensive OR not exactly what I'm looking for. The one that I should have bought, well, I waited too long and lost out. I am SO regretting that now.

JCPenney Colette $69 (in Red and White only)

LampsPlus Ginger Jar $70

Lighting by Gregory $62

Target Crackle Glaze $60


mohairpink said...

I know, aren't they beautiful. Unfortunately, I had the misfortune of seeing one of Spitzmiller's lamps and they just GLOW. And of course they turned out to be - hold your breath - $1200 a piece. HA! Like that's going to happen.

Heather John said...

These are just gorgeous! I wish I had enough tables for all of them. Thanks for the great post and colorful pictures.