Sunday, November 19, 2006 the bedroom...

the Cure is moving a little slower.

I had hoped by now to show you a picture of my new desk; the desk I wrote about when I started this blog; the one that I have waited more than two years to actually purchase.
This desk, in white.

Well, I ordered it online the second week of September and I still do not have it. It was originally put on backorder and I was given a order number. However, when I went to check on the status a few days ago, I was told that the order had been dropped from the system. Fortunately, the trestle legs that were not available before were now available and they took my information again. I received a delivery date of December 1. Let's see if the 3rd time is a charm?

Besides the desk, there is also:

The newly improved headboard. I finally added the extra layers of batting. It looks so much better that it's more solid looking.

I still have to paint the dresser. The color is giving me a hard time. I am thinking of a slightly darker shade of blue that works with the bedside table or a great Black Cherry or pomegranate color. So back to the paint swatches with me.

I really want to use the same paint, Rust-Oleum, but I refuse to use a spray paint. Earlier this year, I went into a Lowe's that had a R-U flyer with info on how the store could use and mix their color formulas with R-U's base coat. I either can't find the same store (how many Lowe's can Richmond have that I've been to?) or they took it down. It's always hit and miss asking someone there who really knows the paint department. Wish me luck. Of course, I will also contact the company, if I can get a hold of that info and have any of their shades mixed in canned paint I will be such a lucky camper!

I AM going to paint the bedroom. I'm not really eager to repaint when I move out so I'm looking at those very pale tinted colors that some paint companies try to pass off as "white". If I can claim that Behr, Benjamin Moore, and Ralph Lauren consider it White, perhaps it will be harder for them to force me to repaint. Choosing a color has been made harder by the hideous trim "they" put throughout the apartment, very similar to a lite almond color. Blech!

Two colors that I am looking at are Behr's Polar White and Glacial Tint. And if I'm feeling risky, I might paint the wall behind my bed the slightly darker shade of Country Mist. I swear it looks darker in my room and that they also come off more blue than green. So, after one more run to Lowe's today, I will be narrowing down choices and ordering 8 oz. samples of the winners from the website. They are so cute, each sample comes with a wee paint tray and a mini roller.

I am ordering one (or two) of these lamps. Yes, I could wait until the perfect cool vintage lamp shows up at a yard sale, but I think I'll take my changes with this one from JCPenney, on sale for $40. How can you not love that womanly shape in pear, lemon, or orange?

Next, I will hang some more art on the walls and buy a small rug for next to the bed and that will be all for the bedroom.

That I can think of now. :)

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