Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Touch of Blue

The bedroom has been painted!!!!

I thought it would never happened. I kept postponing over and over. My father came up this weekend on the train and we attempted to finish as many of my unfinished home projects as we could. However only the room was actually completed.

  • I did make a pilot hole where I was going to put up the kitchen divider. We found out that my drill and a metal screw could not penetrate the wall. I will have to make a few more holes to determine if I can install the hardware there.
  • I have all of the materials for the wall shelves, 14 beautiful pieces of 1" x 8" x 24" birch that has to be sanded and sealed. These shelves will flank the living room's French doors and eliminate the need for at least one of the IKEA ROBIN bookshelves. I still love the bookshelves but I need something taller in order to draw the eye higher up the wall and take advantage of my near-13 ft ceilings. Therefore I have 28(!) brackets to attach first.
  • My father also helped me with my picture mounting. Since he is taller, he hung one piece high on each wall. This way, I can plan my picture arrangement and not have to guess which picture to anchor the others around. So now I can say that my Swingers movie poster is no longer leaning against the wall atop my buffet but is now hanging two thirds up the wall and really helps in visually pulling down the ceiling.

**Pictures are coming, computer is temporarily in the living room and pictures have not been downloaded.


mohairpink said...

Yay, Dad! Nothing like a bit of help to keep you going, eh?

whitney arlene said...

can't wait to see!

scrappy girl said...

Oh, that's just so great! Congratulations! It looks so pretty, and I'm not just saying that because I have a similar blue in my bedroom.