Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What am I so afraid of?

After a year of SHELTER I am now on the brink of really making a difference in my apartment.

Why has it taken me this long? I really don't know.

What has held me back?
  • not enough motivation?
  • minimal outside encouragement?
  • couldn't commit to spending the money?
  • couldn't make up my mind?
Perhaps it was a fear that I would no longer have excuses for why I don't entertain?

Perhaps "decorate it and they will come" actually won't happen? It will be me in a prettier room.

Perhaps when this is finally "done" I will have to figure out who I want to be when I "grow up?"

Stay tuned...


Jany said...

I wouldn't worry about taking so much time to arrange your apartment. Actually it is better doing it slowly, taking time than decorating all within a week or so. Your tastes will change during the time, you will change,too, having different priorities. It should never end, your apartment will change with you as you change, but this should be experienced as positive,it means there's life!

mohairpink said...

I agree with Jany completely. Casapinka is taking waaaaay longer than I thought. Plus, when it's done what do you have to blog about? EEEEEEK!