Sunday, March 25, 2007

How to wallpaper your fridge...

My 100th Post !!!

How much do I love Time Out New York? SO MUCH.

I first saw the NY travel guide after I had arrived in the big apple. That was way too late, you need this guide ahead of time so you can highlight and map all of the things that you want to check out when you get in town. Afterwards you need to take it home so that you can have the time to read the little articles that they produce for entertainment, like this one.

I remember Nick Olsen from an issue of Domino magazine where he covered his refrigerator in a floral wrapping paper.

Now, here he is in Time Out helping another New York apartment dweller do the same to her graffiti-covered fridge with the instructions included. Nick claims that it will be reversible and fine for renters.

Now their total cost came to $170 but that's only because they used $155 a roll wallpaper! One can easily do this project with less expensive but still gorgeous papers like these from Papermojo. These individual sheets range in price from $2-5 dollars for 20" x 29" sheets.

You should also check out TONY's Tossed and Found posts with the design team Wary Meyers. They take objects or furniture off of the NY streets and recreate them as new decorative items.

*For more inspiration, check out this older Shelter post about covering your cabinets with art posters.

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