Friday, September 29, 2006

The Power of the Imagination

I found this via the web, of course. From ReadyMade magazine's blog, to the designer's site, Jonathanfongstyle, to my little blog, and now to you.

When Jonathan Fong discovered that posters were 40% off at a museum's Andy Warhol retrospective, he decided to buy a lot of them and decoupage his kitchen cabinets.

His cabinets were plain white laminate (like most rental apartments) and he applied the posters using regular Elmer's Glue. If you rent, you can eliminate his last step of applying five coats of acrylic polyurethane and it should not be difficult to remove them with a good soaking and an abrasive kitchen sponge when you move.

Affordable design and unforgettable style.

Check out his book, Jonathan Fong's Walls That Wow: Creative Wall Treatments Without Fancy-Schmancy Painting, for more great ideas.

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