Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I am flabbergasted

I just got THE call!

Kathy from IKEA called me this morning to find out if I still wanted my desk on back order.

HELL yes!

I told her that I was certainly surprised to get her call and that I had first placed an order for this desk in September of 2006. She was surprised and said, "Really?" I told her that quite a few of my orders had mysteriously been dropped from the system.

Well, guess what Kathy said? She asked me if anyone had mentioned to me that all back orders that have been in the system for 60 days would be automatically purged from the system. She was truly surprised that when my back orders were placed no one had told me that. So was I. She says she also tells people that if they call near the 60-day cutoff, she can do something in the system that will extend that deadline.

This is the difference between GOOD customer service and BAD customer service.

From September 2006 to today, I have actually corresponded with or spoke to six people employed by IKEA; from their Home Shopping, Backorder, and After Sales departments, and only one person supplied this information. If just one of the others had mentioned this, my growing frustration with the organization would not have happened.

The desk is being sent UPS Ground and is expected to take 8 to 10 days for delivery. I will write about it when it arrives. Duh. Cross your fingers and wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Good luck !
As of this weekend I have this desk too, sort of. I have the legs in white and they didn't have the top I wanted, so I had to find a temporary solution. I use this thing as a drawing table. I draw standing, so I like the height adjustment and one can tilt it, ideal. Now I just want my glass top. Because even acrylics have no chance to get stuck a glass surface.
With Alex, the extra wide drawer this is a wannabe artists dream on a budget ;-).

lsaspacey said...

Were you able to pick up the legs at a store or did you have to order them? They seem to always be out of stock in most East coast stores, besides NY.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I am in Europe, but there was a shortage here too. I wanted them before Christmas and they told me no chance before February. When I saw them in the store last week, I took them and ran. I am lucky to have an Ikea just 5 Minutes from where I live. Ikea has a lot of delivery problems lately.