Saturday, December 02, 2006

Come and see my new desk..

What, you don't see it? Well, neither do I.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've been having a problem getting a simple $80 IKEA desk delivered. They have now lost my order THREE times.

What kills me is I received a delivery date of Dec 1 and three separate order numbers and they have no record of them. Don't order numbers usually go in sequence? So where did mine go and why didn't anyone notice? And shouldn't orders just disappearing be a bigger worry to them?

I guess not, because it did not seem to worry the helpful associate who informed me that my order just wasn't there anymore. To make it even better, she actually said... get this...that putting in those three order numbers and finding nothing was all they could do. Then she asked me who I had spoken to when I made these orders. How would knowing that help me anymore than what information I had already given them? Those people might lose their holiday bonuses or their jobs but what could they do for ME without knowing their names? If I hadn't been so exhausted and I wasn't sitting at an open cubicle at work, I would have come out of this with some kind of great discount or free merch, but I just couldn't bother.

It's not like they don't owe me. I ordered this desk in September and my orders have been deleted from their system THREE TIMES! I mean, what is going on there?

Note: I still haven't given up on this though. I went and ordered the desk again through their website. Why? Because any order through their website comes with an emailed receipt. Let's see them talk themselves out of that!


reeses said...

Ordering from has always frustrated me, because they obviously don't want me to order by web or by phone. They bend over backward to add bizarre fees and make it generally uncomfortable until I finally give up and order from CB2/EQ3/etc. or go into a store.

I haven't had them lose orders, but it seems like something they're perfectly capable of doing.

Anonymous said...

I am having trouble getting what I ordered from Ikea too.

Watch these ass holes.

Lauren said...

there are manufacturing issues with those VIKA products. they are out of stock across the country, not just in stores, but in the warehoues. as they told you in the message you posted, when you order items that are out of stock, they cancel your it isn't there for the sales associates or customer service people to find, because, it doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

I'm having similiar issues. I ordered 3 items online with a gift card. Apparently if you don't respond to their confirming email within 48 hours, they cancel your order. I was no where near civilization for a weekend, no access to a computer, so they cancelled my order. When I called to get everything straightened out, they claimed the order was reinstated, gave me a tracking number....about 10 days go by and still no delivery from Ikea. I called back and they told me the reason I didn't get my shipment was that my credit card had been declined. I didn't use a credit card--I told the rather rude person on the other end of the phone. I told her this 3 times. I used a gift card. She left me on hold forever and another rude woman got on the phone and gave me a tracking number and told me the order shipped on Sept 22. It's now Oct 3 I still don't have my order and I'm ready to send a very nastly letter to their corporate headquarters.