Sunday, April 16, 2006

After the Cure...maybe?

This is the desk that I have loved for years from IKEA.

Yes, IKEA (I am NOT ashamed)

I looked everywhere else but when you compare the prices and details of anything similar, it still comes up on top:

Ballard Designs at $499
World Market/CostPlus $329

Pier 1 Kids
Pier 1 has kids? $149
and even Target at $199 (now out of stock)

Whereas, the IKEA Vika Amon/Vika Artur is only $69 in the combination and table top size that I want. It is the only version that can be broken down to be moved and the only one that is also adjustable in height. The biggest plus is the fact that since it is unfinished wood I can paint it any color that I want!

I have already measured the shelves and both my CPU and printer will fit.

Now what I need to find is a side storage unit to house extra printer paper, disks, CD's, and my photo printer which is now perched on a little yellow foot stool.

So if you see something that you want and it's truly out of your budget, do a little research. If it's a cool design, you will probably be able to find the style offered at many different places for many different price points. And hopefully, one of them will fit within your budget.

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