Monday, January 29, 2007

Art, music, and two types of apples

Even though I haven't made the effort to get them framed I am the owner of three great pieces that I adore.

The first, which I also I mentioned here, is from Leia Bell, an artist who also creates concert posters in Ohio. I saw this one originally as a poster for an Elvis Costello concert using the lyrics from my favorite Elvis song, "I Want You". A few months after I put it on my wish list, I heard this rendition from Fiona Apple w/ Elvis C joining in on guitar. WOW.

I knew then that the print was coming off the wish list and was to become mine. When I ordered it I mentioned to Leia what compelled me buy it and directed her to the video above. Well, due to a delay in getting the print out (she was injured, for god sake!) as an apology (which was SO NOT needed) she mentioned that she sent me some goodies along with my print. When I opened it up, there were two of her printed magnets. Score! Well, because I didn't want to ruin the print before I could put it up on the wall, I left it in its tube.

Months later I take it out to measure for a frame and find not one but TWO prints. She had also sent me this Fiona print! Oh Leia, thank you, thank you!

Apple and Costello, together again.

Now I just need to find the right frame size for two 15 X 12.5 prints. Anyone have any idea what size would look best?

Isn't she just so intriguing? Well, she is Mysterious Genevieve, the work of Emily from Inside the Black Apple. I purchased this one two weeks ago.

And today I saw this one, Winter Coat Print:

And I might just have to buy this one because of my new jacket. See the big red buttons?

(Similar to this one but without the gathered waist, both from Forever21.)

Now I just need a stuffed bird (fake of course) to place on my shoulder and then I'll be stylin'.

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