Monday, October 04, 2010

My Home is My Own Again!

I lived with this precaution for five days. It did do a great job keeping the dust contained.

On the inside was this, with its repeated applications of "mud":

And then the little access door was installed...

And now, finally, with bonus improved task lighting....
Ta Da!!!
Just in time for fall, my AC/heating unit is completely installed.

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Kyle said...

Your house is looking great there, I see. I remember the time when we were still having our house erected. The general contractors Alexandria, VA have are amazing! They did a great job in making our house look beautiful. I think that the person who fixed the air conditioning and heating unit in your home did a great job, and so did the people who did the restoring of the walls and ceilings with holes.

We owe a big thank you to our general contractor. Alexandria has been a great place to live in for us. Not only that. We also have one of the best looking houses in the neighborhood. With the pictures I've seen in your blog, I know yours is, too.