Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Wish I Could Say It Was Over...

but it's not.

My air conditioner unit has been installed and working for about three weeks now. But this is what I still have for my troubles:

A Hole.

Another hole.

Now, let's pull back and get a good feel for the area, all right?

Yup, I cook food in that room.

They plan to close the ceiling tomorrow. I'll let you know.


Wholesale Flooring Distributors said...

Hi Lsaspacey! Hope that you were able to progress with your a/c renovations, and your kitchen. Before your know it you will be back to normal, with working a/c :) all the best!

ATG said...

Have they finished fixing it yet? How annoying that whole process has been for you...hopefully it will be over soon.