Friday, October 23, 2009

A Year Late

Last weekend I was watching a Mad Men episode (Season 2, Episode #8, "A Night to Remember") on DVD for the first time. I'm watching the second scene; which takes place in Peggy's sister's house, and I notice that Peggy is sitting down in a platform rocking chair. One that is very similar to my own beloved chair!

See? I can hardly believe it.

Mad Men Mine

I consider mine the more streamlined version because hers has those curvy arms and mine are more modern and angular.

Now, I wish I had seen this episode last year when it first aired. It then wouldn't be so strange if I tried to pick the prop master or set decorator's brain about what they know about these particular chairs. However, a year later, I am still going to try. So, Amy Wells, you should expect an email from me!

By the way, if anyone can get me a clearer* screen capture of this chair, I would be very grateful!

* Yes, I DID set my camera up on a tripod in front of the TV to get this shot. I then had to queue up the DVD four separate times to take pictures of that chair. I'm so sad when it comes to technology...and so obsessive when it comes to my platform rocker.

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