Monday, October 19, 2009

A Dream

Two weeks ago, I came across a list I had written down a year ago of elements that would constitute a makeover for my apartment (if I had the money for anything I wanted). As it turned out, it wouldn't take much.

  • A paint job for the combined living room/dining area & kitchen in a pale shade of lavender, butter yellow, or a green tea shade
  • Long drapes from the 12' ceiling on the end wall with the French doors
  • Large graphic canvases on the walls
  • Stuffed armchair in purple or green velvet
  • A new sumptuous sofa
  • Side tables with gourd-shaped lamps
  • Small desk for a laptop
  • Set of red and yellow stoneware dishes

NOTE: This is NOT a to-do list. I already have one, these are just some thoughts.

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