Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Status Report

Nothing much new going on at my personal shelter except some much needed cleaning and decluttering.
  • I tackled the kitchen this weekend, including cleaning the inside of the refrigerator. Uggh!

    If you can, don't ever put off cleaning under the vegetable crisper. I had forgotten that my refrigerator back wall was curved. This means that anything that dropped onto the bottom shelf could then roll (or ooze!) down under the vegetable crisper bins. NOT pretty. I also wiped down the drawer fronts and cabinet doors. Yay, me!

  • I have almost completed getting rid of the stacks of unneeded and unused magazines and textbooks (that the school will not take back!) that have been under my for months.

  • Two loads of laundry were dealt with, including one of winter sweaters since that time has come for warmth in clothing. I also got the bathroom mat in this wash though I first soaked it and agitated it in the tub twice before throwing it in with clothes. GOOD call is all I will say about that.
So, progress has been made. Not as much as I would like, but, something is something, right?


drwende said...

It's definitely progress!

Come add to my 20 Questions thread, pretty please!

Michal said...
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