Monday, April 06, 2009

Would you like to win FREE design services?

Who wouldn't?

Dwellings by Mail, based in San Francisco, looks like a great way for renters and homeowners to utilize professional design services for their home without the expense of full-service design services. Their consultations are done via email, fax, telephone, and postal service; so you can live anywhere.

I love these types of services for the cost and the convenience. You receive a detailed idea board, a space plan, shopping guide, and fabric & finish swatches of their ideas. From there you can choose according to your personal tastes and budget what to take from it and what to leave, if anything. Also since all items suggested by the designer are just suggestions, if you find a similar piece at a lower or higher price, then it's up to you to choose. They basically open your eyes to the possibilities in your rooms that you may not have been able to see.

Well, if that didn't already sound great; for the month of April, the company is offering a free Dwellings By Mail room makeover package! Since their services normally start at around $300, this is a truly incredible deal.

They just need a little bit of information from you, so check their blog Domicile House for more contest information. Good luck!

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