Wednesday, April 08, 2009

This Place Matters...

is both the theme of this year's Preservation Month in May and also a photo-sharing campaign in which people post photos of themselves with the places that they hold important. Initiated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, they have now decided to move the program to Flickr, so that they can increase its reach and impact. From family homes, neighborhood schools, and old gas stations to vintage movie theaters, here is your chance to beam a spotlight on a favorite. By sharing those photos, you/we can spread the word and get even more people involved in the preservation movement.

The steps are super easy:

  • Have a photo taken at your favorite place making sure that someone in the photo holds up the This Place Matters sign.

  • Upload your photo and short story (if desired) at

  • Tell your family and friends to view your special place online and of course, submit their own places.

Please join and spread the word. The more people involved increases the amount of people aware of the importance in saving the places that matter to us all.

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