Friday, April 24, 2009

Angel's Other Space to Dwell

A year ago I wrote about stylist Angel Dormer's old, old apartment here. What I did not mention is that she saw (!) my post and sent me a sweet email. I would have written about that sooner but I then sent her a follow-up email asking if she would talk about that apartment, in a sort of retroactive SHELTER Study. She had also been featured in for a more current apartment. With this space she gained some more square feet as opposed to her former studio; however, her newer space was still quite small. I wanted her to compare the growth of her style and her obvious affinity for smaller spaces. Sadly, I never heard from her again.

Adorable Angel Dormer

So, I'm going to show you those pictures of that more recent place too since I had saved them for that post. It's a little more modern than my usual taste but it's color use still appeals to me. Enjoy.

Bedroom in a closet

A peek at the kitchen

Images: H&G magazine, New York magazine

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Hannah said...

That little pink bedroom in a closet is so lovely, I want to stay there.