Thursday, February 28, 2008

Angel or the Todd Oldham influence?

Angel Dormer was a former assistant to Todd Oldham. This was her incredibly tiny Manhattan apartment in the 1990s.

Oldham said in a quote from the article: "I love(d) visiting Angel's house because it's like a tiny museum show. Her style is eclectic, luxurious, and pedestrian---all at the same time."
  • Angel's rug was made of inexpensive runners she found at ABC Carpet & Home that she then nailed in place.
  • Curtains were made out of scrap canvas then appliqued with black velveteen cutouts resembling huge eyelashes.
  • Her sofa was half of a sectional (the other half wouldn't fit) that she glued fabric over the original upholstery with a glue gun.

  • If you look closely you can see where she applied a Sharpie marker to the walls, creating scalloped moldings.
  • The apartment decor is mostly DIY, including all the upholstery work and her homemade leopard spotted and patchwork pillows.
  • Did you see all of that built-in storage? I believe the two doors near the kitchen are for her Murphy bed.
Her wall of thrift-store art.

Angel also painted the interior of her non-working fireplace with polka dots and used it as a picture gallery and studio space where she created her thumbnail painted canvases.

The Killer quote that ends the article,

"A house," explains Dormer, "is like a jewel box. It's a place to keep your dearest treasures."

Said just like a true SHELTERgirl.

Credits: HG magazine, date unknown. Article by Amy Taran Astley.


Anonymous said...

The built-in storage gives me pangs of jealousy. That's the difference between NYC studios and LA studios - here, they rarely have built-ins, it seems. And the Murphy beds have always been removed.

The half-a-sectional idea is brilliant - I may steal that idea for the new place!

Bex said...

I think I may have saved pics of her home from an earlier incarnation. It was in Cosmopolitan (!!) when they had home pages (iirc, Sara Ruffin Costello of Domino was the contrib for those pages). At the time I was living in a teeny NYC apartment myself and I loved seeing some overlap--Fire King bowls, Jonathan Adler pottery, chrome Metro shelving--in our stuff!

DimeDecorating said...

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