Monday, October 06, 2008

Forget the paint, just tape

I’ve written about Jonathan Fong and his great DIY decorating projects before; here and here. This one from his book, Walls that Wow, is just as creative and impact making. Jonathan has found a way to apply stripes of varying widths on your walls without driving you crazy. The traditional way of doing this was to measure different size stripes on your walls, apply painters tape to the outlines and then paint between the stripes, one paint color at a time. Once one group in one color was dry you would then tape your next group and use the next color, and so on and so on. Well, Jonathan found a way to eliminate the paint all together! He uses a product called Permacel, a pressure-sensitive paper tape used in the film industry. You will most likely find Permacel or something similar at arts and crafts store or film production supply stores, instead of a basic hardware store. I also found this Spike tape that is a matte-finish cotton cloth tape that is supposed to remove without any residue.The complete step-by-step tutorial is here at iVillage.

Other decorating projects using tape:

How to create wall art with electrical tape from Instructables.

Electrical tape portrait from this April Apartment Therapy post.

Electrical tape cabinet details in an oldie but goodie from TimeOut New York that I covered here.

Masking tape decor from a 2006 Smallest Coolest Apartment contest entry.

Images: Walls That Wow, Apartment Therapy, Time Out New York, Apartment Therapy

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Annette said...

I love the tape idea - but don´t tell anyone ´cause I work in a paint company ;-)