Thursday, October 02, 2008

The favorite dress has been found!

It was piled up in my Out Box with all the stuff I'm getting rid of! Uh oh!

I found it thanks to the fact that I'm participating in a group yard sale this weekend. I really only looked through that pile because of the sale and it was the third thing I picked up. I had first looked through my clothes closet this morning; up on the top shelf, where I found stuff I thought I had given away long ago (!), along the bottom, and even in all my suitcases, just in case. Then this evening I went through the mega-packed front closet (8-feet wide, 9-feet tall and stuffed to the max) where the future thrift store or consignment shop items are hanging out. I checked in garment bags and under all the jackets and coats. I now know what I have (still) and what I don't need.

So hopefully, through this yard sale, I can shift a lot of stuff out of here tomorrow (mostly clothes!) and this won't happen again. least not anytime soon!


Why S? said...

Phew! There is always a danger in getting rid of stuff. Either you'll need it later or you'll toss it out by accident.

CouponAlbum said...

Interesting!! I prefer to choose comfortable and stylish dresses!! I love my collection!!