Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Having Talented Friends is Great

See my new banner? What do you think?


It may have taken a while but it was well worth it. It is exactly what I wanted.

Homey, cozy, cute (but not TOO cute), rich colors in yellow, orange, and a persimmon-like red. This design was created by my dear friend and college roommate, Sandy Knight, of Hoopskirt Studio*. She sent me about 9 different designs, this one was early in the group. There was something about it that just grabbed me and wouldn't let go. Even though all the other ones were fab too, I still wanted this one.

Last month when I needed to work up invoices for the wedding, I actually used the draft of this design as the logo. In addition, I think Flickr owes me 10 free Moo Cards from when I signed up for a Pro account so maybe I will make a few business cards. Do you think I can use the name SHELTER as a brand for even non-home d├ęcor related things too, like event coordination or consulting? Or do I need to come up with another name? I could still use the same background.

*Sandy's company is based out of her home were she works daily with the help of her trusty boy-assistant Atticus, age 1 year. One of these days they (along with artist/professor husband Andy) will be featured in a SHELTER study because their home is incredible...with her art and his furniture.

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Why S? said...

I love it, too! It's delightful. As soon as I clicked on this evening it perked me up, right away. There was nothing wrong with the old banner, but now, I can't even remember what it looked like. I just love this one.