Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dealing with 50 things

So when I currently think about my apartment, I just think clutter and "Must get rid of EVERYTHING! Really, this is a daily occurrence now. I would love to start over with a clean slate but that's just not possible right now. I'm usually looking at all the big stuff when it's the little stuff that's driving me crazy. I find I have loads of things for "One day, I will need..."

Things such as free address labels for mail; however, I pay almost all of my bills online and use USPS online postage system for all other mail. (Seriously, look into Click-N-Ship, I love it.)

Old college textbooks that were interesting (Psychology and Communications) that I think I might refer back to one day. So, how many times have I referred back to the books from my first go at college? NEVER.

Cookbooks for that time in my life when I will suddenly start making all of my meals and diligently use that Moosewood cookbook, the pasta one, the two vegetarian ones, and Martha's cookie book. In my last big purge, I donated the four other vegetarian ones I had received knowing full well that more than two would just overwhelm me. Hopefully, I will get to cooking from some of these one day. Especially the brunch cookbook I picked up a few years ago in California. Yes, it's just brunch recipes. Mmmm...

5 new items moved to the Out Box:

  • Two necklaces given as presents that I never wore
  • One of the shoes that I needed to replace (they were replaced by the Borns)
  • One pair of elastic strap sandals, only wore them twice. They were too big, therefore, I didn't feel secure in them (Why I didn't take them back, I don't remember).
  • Red fleece scarf, mittens and hat with Burberry plaid accent that I made from a pattern and rarely wore. I will probably give these as a gift. I just have to find the right person.


drwende said...

50% of what's in your old Psych and Comm textbooks is also online, and the other 50% will be outdated by the time you need it. Good call in dumping those!

With so many recipes online, I only own cookbooks if I want to read them as literature, usually if they're vintage. I used to have something like 80 cookbooks and now have fewer than 10.

drwende said...

Lest I sound smug, let me add -- I would love to have the nerve to purge office supplies that have been made obsolete by the electronic era, but I lack the nerve.

Erika said...

I look around my place all the time and see so many unfinished projects that have just been sitting so long that I want to just throw them out. My closets are packed to the mass. but guess what? We are are finally nearing our big move to Hawaii! So after a couple of weeks visiting my family back east, I get to come home and start wiping the slate clean!!!!

lsaspacey said...

Erika, congrats! Lucky you!

lsaspacey said...

I still envy you downsizing to a smaller condo. You were already able to start over.

Anonymous said...

Moosewood cookbooks are awesome! I have never made a bad meal out of one of them. I own two, and will get more the next time I eat at the restaurant.