Sunday, April 20, 2008

Getting somewhere, just don't know where...

Oh did I ever mention that I started receiving press releases from designers and artists? Yeah, wow. Blogs are most definitely being noticed for the influences that they are on the consumer public.

Though I am on Jonathan Adler's press release list I haven't received anything from Domino magazine, which seems to be the sign that your home blog has really made it. Remember all that bloggy love about Drew Barrymore's office/home a month ago?

I am already listed on their site though as I am part of Scrappy Girl's blog list. She is a kindred spirit. However, you would think that Domino would send to everyone on the blog list of one of their online blogs wouldn't you? It doesn't really matter, it was just more of a "hmmm?" situation than anything else. No matter what, I would only post about something that I personally thought was cool (not that I don't think Jonathan Adler is cool!) and I do receive the magazine every month.

Though of course it would be nice to receive it before it shows up on the newsstand!

By the way, cute bull or sun ornaments on sale for $12. ; )


Ana said...

Yes! it would be so wonderful to actually receive the magazine before it's old news and I've seen it on the stands.

Hustle up Domino!

Anonymous said...

hey...did you see the pink toilet paper post on AT? Talk about a bunch of readers without a sense of humor...

oy. I'm sending Super Gay Andy over to straighten them out.