Tuesday, April 22, 2008

National Rebuilding Day!

HGTV Green Home Giveaway!

I am so excited! This weekend, after years of vocal support for Rebuilding Together-Richmond and ACORN I will finally be putting my muscles to the test for these organizations. I will be finally working on my first volunteer home repair project. I was lucky to get into this group project because someone in my office sent out an email asking for volunteers.

By coincidence, my Historic Preservation professor (an ACORN board member) has also volunteered and will be working on the same house with me. Wow, I don't even have to try to stalk this woman, she is everywhere.

Would you believe, that knowing nothing about me, they tasked me to paint! How perfect. I have to put together a list of all the painting supplies that I have so I can bring in some stuff to supplement what they will have on site. I think I might have to clean out my cars' trunk so I can bring my four-foot ladder too. I just hope it doesn't rain as it has been for the last three days. The pollen and mold have sapped about 50% of my strength and stamina.

The neighborhood I am working in is also directly behind my "pet" neighborhood, Woodland Heights, so that adds to the goodwill.

It may be too late to participate in the 2008 National Rebuilding Day but there is plenty of time to get involved for next year's event. Volunteers rehabilitate and improve the homes of low-income Americans at no cost, recipients of services include the elderly, disabled, military veterans, and families in need. To find a Rebuilding Together affiliate in your area, enter your state or zip code on the national organization's main page.

Also worth looking into is the HGTV Change the World: Start at Home effort with Rebuilding Together, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the Natural Resources Defense Council. This campaign "focuses on revitalizing communities across the country and helping consumers make smart choices for the environment within their homes and daily lives."

I will report on my Saturday next week after I've recovered from my all-day giving effort.

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