Saturday, April 19, 2008

The State of the Blog

I apologize.

I fell behind and I have been neglecting this blog. The updates come sporadically I know, however…

  • I have four SHELTER Study interview requests out there. (I have received one interview back, so now the ball is in my court.
  • I have at least five draft posts saved. (I need to complete some more research and track down or scan in a few more pictures.)
  • I am working on a new header and there are some other design changes coming around the corner (I need to finalize the designs with the graphic designer.)

I want to write about:

  • My discovery of two out-of-print home design books and how to get these books back into print
  • What I have learned at my new (three months now!) job
  • An interior designer I just found during an unrelated web search
  • My first and only foray into designing and constructing a DIY mosaic table top, a project from 2001.
  • My favorites from this years Small Cool contest on Apartment Therapy.

I have been:

The spring school semester ends in a few weeks, so expect more frequent posting this summer for sure. See ya soon!

1 comment:

allisonlindsay said...

I'm eager to hear about your Small, Cool picks! There are some stellar entries this year.