Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sofa Showroom Update

I came across someone on Flickr who had just bought the $500 Evan sofa in Biscuit from Overstock.com and asked their opinion of the piece.

OK in NY said:

"I might have liked a darker brown and considered the Toast version, but the description said it was greenish, which I didn't want at all.

I am satisfied with the sofa but I would agree with anyone who says that it is not the equal of a $1,000+ piece of furniture. I had intended to buy a sofa at that price from Room & Board, but it was discontinued before I was ready to order.

The sofa was difficult to assemble and may not have a long life, based on the inner construction, but it's worth what it cost. Specifics to this range: the back is very firm, but this means that accent pillows will be welcome rather than a nuisance. And the back is low, which suits my MCM (mid-century modern) scheme but makes the picture look high when actually it is hanging slightly low."

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