Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Decorative Items for the Thrifty

Here are beautiful decorative mirrored furniture available at lower prices.

JCPenney Venetian Trifold mirror for $199

Compare it to this one available from Casually Elegant Home and Ebay for $500 or this Horchow version for $350.

JCPenney mirrored vanity table for $400...

as compared to this more expensive one from Horchow at $899. Yes, these mirrored pieces are still pricey but the point is you can get the same look for less money.

I started this post this past weekend and Design Sponge posted about mirrored furniture pieces just today and she choose some of the same cheaper options that I did.

I also have some DIY options. Creative Homes magazine from BHG printed an article a few years ago showing how you could use simple unfinished wood tables and apply your own finishes and custom cut mirrors to emulate some of these same looks. Instructions to transform unfinished pieces like these below

into these

are available here.

I found much better instructions and scanned a PDF for you. However, it seems I need an outside server to add it my post. Therefore, I can e-mail it, so if you would like those instructions, just leave me a note. Thanks.

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