Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Inspiration from Domino magazine

Abbey from Buffalo, NY

Kimberly from Brooklyn, NY

Two participants in the Domino magazine Decorating Contest.

These remind me that pictures on my walls do NOT have to be centered or symmetrical. I can just breathe and not make this harder than it is.

Update: I first tried the bottom arrangement but am now working on one closer to the top one. It's much easier to put together; you just make sure that the first picture is level and go from there. I'll show you a sneak peek tomorrow.

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phillippa_j said...

I like that first one because it gives the sense that more is yet to come. Abbey seems to be filling the space as she aquires new "treasures". :-)

It might be the right arrangement for you because that's what you seem to have - a collection of beautiful and inspiring finds waiting for a home.