Monday, October 08, 2007

I think this is the arrangement?

First, remember, my blank wall space is huge. My ceilings are 12 feet 7 inches in this room. Not only do I have this area to cover but I have a wall on the other side of the room that is just as high and 1/3 longer. Without something on the walls my furniture always seemed miniature and lost in the space.

I first tried spacing the pictures more conventionally but just couldn't make up my mind on where any one piece would go. I sat on my floor and set up an OK arrangement on the floor. Then, I started moving them a little closer and finally I just pushed them all together. I made a few substitutions, added some placeholders, and came up with this design. I feel this arrangement takes advantage of not only the height of the wall but also the width.

This is the arrangement mapped out on the wall in paper.

This is a better picture that gives you an idea of what they will look like once on the wall.

Note the blank canvas, the empty frame, and the award certificate from an old job. These will of course be changed in time.

Compare it with the inspiration picture. So, what do you think?

Picture from Domino Decorating Contest entrant Abbey from Buffalo, NY.

Update: I just noticed that Abbey said she was influenced by artist Barry McGee.


Ross said...

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If so just shoot me an email at

And sorry about the non-topical comment!

drwende said...

I like your version better than the original.

Okay, I hated the original, but I LIKE your version, period. :-)

design for mankind. said...

Ohhh, this looks FABULOUS!!!!!!

Psymonetta said...

Is the shelf going to stay? If so, I'd try to space it out so the shelf and the top of the swinger's poster make the top and bottom plane and left and right corners of your rectangular area. Does that make sense? It might just be the angle of the picture too, but the shelf at the bottom seems a skosh too high.

Other than that, I think you've got it. I'm particularly interested in what's going in the little template spaces. I love the little arts.

Anonymous said...

Your version - great

The inspiration version - looks like the TV is frightening all the pictures into the top corner of the room.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I thinking have the swingers poster by itself in the middle.

Then have two groups of pictures equidistance from the poster on each sode, made up of pictures arranged into the same sized rectange as the poster.

Does that make sense?