Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Kitchens of My Dreams

Over the last two years I have discovered that I REALLY don't like the stainless steel appliances and other attributes of the modern kitchen that is so popular these days. It seems I want the kitchen that everyone is getting rid of as soon as they buy a house. The ones I see on the Internet and in magazines that I like tend to be reminiscent of an older era. However, the colors scheme can be quite varied from either pale spring-like colors to a bold riot of bright colors.


day-lab's awesome redo

Dooce's old one before the remodel

Pink loves Brown


First, this great idea, in pink and then in yellow.

April 2006 Domino spread

Jordan's kitchen shelves

Then, these multi-color examples.

My House is Cuter than Yours' kitchen

House Tour from AT-San Francisco

firehouse kitchen from Google

Supershoppertoo on Flickr

My little temporary fix

Last but not least, my dream kitchen floor to go with either color scheme is this one made of cut and assembled linoleum pieces, seen in the December 2005 issue of Domino. This picture from Decor8, however, is from another reader that was inspired by the same story as I.

I love the mixing up of different colors intensities. I would work this out with whatever color scheme or mood I chose for the decor. Fewer colors and lighter shades for subtle; more varied and brighter for bold.

day-lab is starting her own DIY-focused blog at day-lab-diy.blogspot.com. She is asking for submissions, go see more information here.

Sources: Flickr, the blogs credited above, Apartment Therapy archives, and Google images.


Jane said...

Oh, I love the bright ones! That AT kitchen is amazing---can you imagine putting both those colors on the bare walls and thinking "Yeah, that's about right..."?!?! I also love the whole space that included the pink kitchen in Domino... If you do the floor, though, wouldn't you have to go with the softer colors? It seems like the floor might fight with the walls otherwise.
I really enjoy your blog! :)

iloveupstate.com said...

I know what you mean...all the stainless just seems...soul--less.

lsaspacey said...

What I like most about the floor is how you can make it really individual with different colors, widths, and lengths. So I could go bright or subtle, but it would be purely ME. :)

Nicole | Making it Lovely said...

I'm glad you like my kitchen, but *gasp* it does include stainless appliances. ;)

Actually, my dream appliances would be the super-sleek white Wolf stove or a refurbished vintage model, plus a candy-colored fridge by Smeg… but my budget wouldn't allow it!

ambika said...

It's these kind of posts that make me wish I owned my home.

I think the subtle designs suit me best as I'm too fickle to live with a bold color for long.