Saturday, September 08, 2007

Alabama Chanin

I recently discovered artist Natalie Chanin in a Domino magazine profile. Her lifestyle-focused company, Alabama Chanin, creates limited-edition artisan created clothing, home furnishings, and jewelry from new, organic, and recycled materials. Natalie still resides in her small hometown of Florence, AL and all of her company's creation and manufacturing is done with local artists in Florence. Such an enterprise is sustainable for the local economy and very admirable.

Since her items are artisan-produced, the prices are understandably pricey. However, Ms. Chanin offers instructions for some projects, such as these appliqué t-shirt designs, on her website.

The sections on her website for Tips and Treats supply you with a list of books that have inspired her work and recipes that have been enjoyed by her family and friends.

Natalie is also publishing a home sewing book, Alabama Stitch Book, due next spring.

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