Friday, August 31, 2007

SHELTER Sets: Pushing Daisies

Check out my new favorite show that hasn't even aired yet. These are stills from the new ABC show Pushing Daisies, starting in October. The main character, a pie maker, possesses a special power that causes chaos in his personal life. It is romantic, funny, and that dangerous to the networks word, quirky. It has so many things I like that I am almost too scared to watch it. Shows like this have a habit of not making it, especially the ones that I like. The main writer and executive producer is Bryan Fuller of Heroes, Dead Like Me, and my beloved but canceled Wonderfalls. However, I am not going to tell you the plot, you should read this great review of the pilot on the Televisionary blog for information or read the official Pushing Daisies blog, The Pie Maker.

What I want to show you is the incredible retro-flavored set design. Wow!

Check out the character Olive's apartment. Played by Kristen Chenoweth, Olive is a girl who always gets her man, who in this show falls for a guy that she can't get. She is all girl and her space communicates that with pale pink walls, dainty figurines, and muted pastels. The girl has everything; furniture, walls, even her pajamas outfitted in floral prints.

However, I see a veering from the stereotypical "girly" character that is usually implied by this kind of decor. She does not have a fluffy little dog that could fit in her purse; instead, she has a golden retriever.

Though her apartment and its overt femininity did bring to mind another set meant to convey the specific personality of its female resident, the office of Dolores Umbridge in the latest Harry Potter.

The lead character of Pushing Daisies makes and sells pies at a little old shop called the... (wait for it)...Pie Hole.

Of course, the production designer went all out for the main set; therefore, the restaurant was designed to resemble a deep-dish pie, complete with pie tin, while also invoking old pre-fab stainless steel diners.

Quirky, no?

Do you see what great potential there is to fall in love with this show? If you were a fan of the canceled Wonderfalls, then you are halfway there.

Pictures from The Pie Maker and the Leaky Cauldron.


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