Monday, April 23, 2007

Apartment 2007, Not Ready for Primetime

Apartment 2003

I have not finished the changes on my place. I think I'll take it easy until the second week of May when the semester is over. However, I want to show something, so here are pictures of my last apartment in Arlington.

I loved this apartment. It was huge, the other half of this room was the dining room. I had a fair size bedroom but best of all...I had 4 closets; 1 entry hall closet, 1 linen closet, 1 hallway closet, and one bedroom closet, all the same size.

So. Much. Storage.

The light was incredible too. The living room/dining room had four windows, the bedroom had two. Both the kitchen and bathroom had windows. Except for the bedroom window and a privacy shade in the bathroom, I rarely used the blinds. My apartment was on the third floor of my building and all the other buildings only had two stories.

Here are my bedside cabinet and coffee table right after I refinished them. I was so proud of the job.


whitney arlene said...

I love those bright tables.

I have a collection of photographs from my old apartments and living spaces too. It's neat to see all the changes and also the patterns I've developed.

casapinka said...

Love that coffee table - great lines/fun color. Good for you, L. said...

love that coffee table!!