Friday, April 27, 2007

Smallest, Coolest Apartment!

I almost forgot!

When I started this blog last year some of my first posts were about the Smallest Coolest Apartment contest at Apartment Therapy. Though I've been checking in everyday and voting I forgot to mention it here. Right now they are still in the first part of the contest. Each AT location; New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angelos (why no cities in the Midwest or the South?) show forty entries.

This year the contest is a bit of a mess because it looks like two completely different contests. First there is this contest:

My owner works in the interior design/architecture industry.

1) There are the entries that look like the pages of Dwell, but only the homes that are all angles, up lights, with minimal furniture that looks like it would hurt. They are clean, sterile in design, white in color, and show few personal items.

Victor & Soeun's Romantic Loft Semi-Finalist * Kelly & Gregory's - Lil' Italy * Jawrite's Light Box

2) These entries look too "done". They are full of trendy furniture and the IN electrical gadgets. They may even have important furniture with names like Eames, Bertoia, Eileen Gray, etc. Now before you say anything, I love these pieces and they are classics for a good reason. However, in these cases, they jump out at you from the room giving the impression that they are there only because they have "names" or because the Jones' already have them. Even though they may showcase artwork, use luxurious fabrics, and have vibrant color, these do not feel like real homes.

Lex & Lynn's Modern Haven * Michael and Mindy's Urban Modern Semi-Finalist * Giuseppe's Fantastic Illusion * Sarah's Modern Glam Palace

3) Then, there are the small few that were able to take those ideas above and combine them with personality, wit, and comfort. These are sophisticated and beautiful places where you can still have fun.

#12 Manuel's Houston Cottage (seen above) * Marlene & Todd's Love Nest * Aad's Homage to His Old Dwelling

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