Monday, March 12, 2007

So much beauty in a small space

I just looked through the March/April 2007 issue of Blueprint magazine. The new Editor-in-chief received a makeover of her 307 sq ft apartment done by the staff of the magazine.

It blew me away.

Check out the online version of this article.

What inspired me:

  • The use of wall shelving for storage that takes the least amount of floor space.*
  • The blue Le Creuset dishes on those shelves, which apparently are only available in the U.K.**
  • The curtain used to divide the living space from kitchen.*
  • The handmade television cozy for her flat-screen.*
  • The patterned bolster pillows for the sofa with the same fabric (in a different color) used in the bedroom.
  • Painting everyday objects to make them part of your decor. They painted her andirons with Surf Blue paint from Benjamin Moore.

The site includes instructions for the shelves, the curtain, and the cozy.

** Photos from Blueprint magazine and John

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