Sunday, September 24, 2006

How perfectly cool and retro

This summer whenever I was out in the heat, I couldn't stop thinking about ICED mint green tea. How lovely if it were ready for me when I walked in the door. Well, next summer I want to be prepared.

I saw this last week in my neighborhood coffee shop, Rostov's Coffee & Tea, and fell in love.

It is by Bee House and is a retro styled ceramic iced teapot. A removable stainless steel infuser basket rests inside. This one is in Blueberry and sells for $44.

Last fall, for hot tea, I would just run hot water through my coffee maker, but how about treating myself to one of these, also by Bee House?

This is the 3-cup teapot, also with an infuser basket, for $25 and it is available in so many delicious colors*.

NOTE: As I was looking for the right color, I noticed different retailers were selling different sizes and colors that weren't available on the official Bee House site, probably due to exclusive deals with retail stores. So if you think you want a particular color or size, keep looking, it is probably out there. Good luck!

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