Saturday, April 08, 2006

Tiny Showcase!

Want to have unique art in your home instead of having to frame pieces of wrapping paper, fabric scraps, or museum art posters, but still not pay a lot of money? Well, I just saw this in an archived post at Minor Adjustments.

Tiny Showcase

The founders wanted to find a forum for their talented friends to showcase their talent and make a little money. They also decided that the pieces would be smaller in size. So each week they pick a new tiny piece, that they have reproduced in limited print runs on acid-free paper (for a long archival lifespan). But best yet, because of the size, the pieces are priced low (from $12 to $40) yet a portion of the price is still donated to a charity chosen by each artist.

To give you an idea of what might be available, here are a few images of their earlier offerings:

caught up
Jen Corace SOLD OUT
Landscape Matthew Curry SOLD OUT
Katy Horan SOLD OUT

On the Lounge
Marci Washington SOLD OUT
Distant Folly #3 Brad Kendall SOLD OUT
I love you Camilla Engman SOLD OUT

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