Sunday, April 02, 2006

My Finalists

Well, the general evaluations for the 2nd Annual Smallest, Coolest Apartment Contest at ended March 30 at midnight. Now the judges working from our top picks and comments have from April 1st through the morning of April 4th to evaluate the reader's choices and determine a top 5 from the West Coast and a top 5 from the East Coast. Before that list comes out, I want to list my favorites and the ones I hope will also be on their lists.

East Coast:

#31 - Bri & Chad's Fab on a Budget 350 s/f Renter

#5 - Marc's Architecture Student Digs 270 s/f Renter

#15 - James & Margaret's Iconic Studio 565 s/f Owner

#13 - Jane & Darko's Cozy Thicket 645 s/f Owner

#14 - Jenny & Clove's LAish Pad 442 s/f Owner


#8 - Alison's Design to the Max 394 sq ft Owner

#7 - K/B’s Madison Reflection 295 s/f Renter

West Coast:

#33: Greg and Em's Silverlake Sanctuary 639 s/f Renter

#32: Shauna's More Dash than Cash 620 s/f (?)

#6: KG's Comfy Santa Monica Apartment 550 s/f Renter

#10: Deb's Inspired Loft Space 612 s/f Owner

#1: Rob's Apartmequarium 488 s/f Renter

Honorable Mention:

# 5: Jason's One Room Retreat 157.5 s/f Renter (What great potential!)


Amber said...

Hey, saw one of your comments on apartmenttherapy, and headed over here. I'm from VA too (Norfolk). So hi!

Jalpuna said...

Wow! You picked me for top 5 West Coast! I'm flattered, though I don't deserve it. There are some phenomenal west entries. I'm guessing you and I both love the color of Greg and Em's place.

By the way, your Blogger photo is phenomenal! What kind of camera is that?


- Rob

lsaspacey said...

You are so welcome Jalpuna. Yes, I adore the colors of Greg and Em's place. Shame on Maxwell for making us wait to see if they made it to the finals.

After that last finalist (you know who) I wasn't so sure they would. I totally agree with everything that you said, too bad so many people came down on you.

Thanks about the picture, it was taken more than ten years ago with a Yashica FX-3. It used to be a very popular camera for beginning photographers.