Sunday, April 09, 2006

My apartment is very sick

  1. My apartment suffers from awkward furniture placement
  2. My rooms just feel cramped all the time and hard to maneuver
  3. Even though I clean out my junk corner every few months, it always fills up again
  4. I have so many unfinished apartment improvement projects
  5. Even though I do not cook, I cannot seem to keep up with the dirty dishes
  6. In the past year, I have never invited anyone over.
  7. The clutter makes me tense
A great book has just come out Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure. I fully agree with the author, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan’s idea that the state and condition of your apartment can affect your mood and your life. His cure involves purging your apartment of unwanted useless objects and furniture sometimes separating emotional ties to objects that are taking up space. On the Apartment Therapy website, they came up with the idea of a group cure, to create an online support group for others going through the process.

Since I was just about to take on a major apartment sprucing project (see earlier posts), I have signed up. As the eight weeks go on, you will all be able to follow the progress. So for the next eight weeks my posts will also incorporate the AT Cure. If you want to see current pictures of my apartment (desperately in need of the cure), just go here.

The Cure focuses on each part of your home. This week we will be dealing with the apartment as a whole, and each week after that will tackle individual “rooms,” ending with the whole apartment in Week Eight.

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drwende said...

One of life's mysteries is how not cooking still generates dishes. I'd think the luncheon plates were inviting friends over, but the total count is always the same.

You've just motivated me to hassle the husband about small unfinished projects this Saturday.

(wende in sf from at)