Sunday, April 02, 2006

Amberina Glass

Amberina glass is "heat sensitive" glass, which gradates in color from amber at the bottom to red at the top. They do this by reheating the top part of the glass before allowing it to cool. If the effect is reversed and the bottom part of a vessel is reheated rather than the top, the result is called "reverse amberina"- which is red at the bottom and amber at the top.

Both my dad and I are fans of refurbishing old items for new use. He is amazing at finding cool stuff in thrift stores and flea markets for cheap, cheap prices. I had showed him my two amberina pieces last October and he said that he would look out for it.

Well, look what my dad found for me. Compare it to the images I have above and well, he did an amazing job. He did pick up a few pieces that were amber but not amberina, but I am not complaining.

Look at that lamp! It came with the original mica lampshade. The best thing is that the globe portion also has a bulb, and can be lit separate from the lamp, like a nightlight.

Now, just where o where will that lamp go in my already full apartment?

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