Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Adorable House Tour, Somewhere Else

Go check this place out

Pam's Southern Charm

on the PieWacket blog!

I love it and it only has a little bit to do with the fact that I grew up with a set of Danish furniture (sofa and two chairs) that almost match hers but more like the ones below (they're just a little more angular).

Just like these!

Unfortunately, my sofa succumbed to termites when I left it with my roommates over the summer. Who knows where it is now? I still have the chairs though and my dad is storing them until I have room for them.

Oh, and about PieWacket, well, you should be reading it anyway. The photography is A-Mazing! Definitely look at her archives and especially view her Lost & Found tag. Believe me, you'll love it.

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Chuck said...

The Danish certainly know their furniture. Nice finds.