Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another reason to visit London...

To see the Geffrye Museum!

"The Geffrye Museum's collections comprise furnishings, pictures and ornaments reflecting the history of the English home over the past 400 years. Our focus is on the living rooms of the urban middle classes, mainly in London, and our collection of objects is unique in being typical of those used in the parlours and dining rooms of people from the middle ranks of English society. These include lawyers, doctors, teachers and people in all forms of media and business, from retailing to banking. The choices they make, both in the past and now, in their own homes reflect their values and aspirations and are a key part of our national identity."

1640 London merchant's house

1960's London townhouse

Too cool, right?! And they have 11 period rooms of furniture, like this one from 1965:

Also check out their Life in the living room 1600-2000 exhibition online here.

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Kate H. said...

Thanks for this link! Don't know when I'll next get to London, but this museum sounds like a must-see.